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(Permalink) Posted: July 16 2008,10:49   

Quote (olegt @ July 16 2008,10:10)
Tard advisory

Tardmeters around the world registered a strong uptick this morning, indicating an influx of fresh, unscreened tard in the environment.  The source was traced to a naked singularity in the tard field that had escaped from the UD bunker and was last seen at Telic Thoughts.  

Click on the link AT YOUR OWN RISK.  You have been warned.

and Heddle steps up as the white knight to do battle with Denyse, leaving her bruised and bleeding.

My question is how in the heck you managed to trail that thread to its current conclusion, after such a long, meandering, strange thread?  Not for noobs or the faint of heart.

Come on Tough Guy, do the little dance of ID impotence you do so well. - Louis to Joe G 2/10

Gullibility is not a virtue - Quidam on Dembski's belief in the Bible Code Faith Healers & ID 7/08

UD is an Unnatural Douchemagnet. - richardthughes 7/11

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