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Quote (Albatrossity2 @ July 15 2008,13:28)
In the "Most Bizarre Wishful Thinking" category, the Oscar goes to Peter at UD, who tells us how ID relates to real life    
I saw the new move “Hancock” the other day. The movie was alright, but what caught my attention was an explanation as to where our superhero came from. The was told that “we were made in pairs.” That is very interesting. This is a major summer box office movie. It did not say “we evolved along a separate path.” While it may be possible to be made by evolution, that would be a stretch. It seems to me that the movie makers are acknowledging an important shift in their audience. This tells me that ID has been making significant progress.

And to be fair to the other side:

Wow, peter that's just.... ummm... wow. Really. Wow.

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