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Quote (keiths @ July 15 2008,01:07)
Quote (CeilingCat @ July 14 2008,22:34)
In the "Healing" thread, Patrick comes through with a great steaming pile-o-tard.  He even seems to be talking about himself in the third person.          
Lakeland is the center of Bentley’s activities in Florida, an area close to Patrick. In fact, the Church of Patrick’s own brother, Michael, is apparently being ensnared by Bentley’s enticing words, from the leadership on down to Michael’s own friends.

KeithS deems that paragraph Denyse-worthy.

Indeed. From this nugget I learn that
- Florida is an area near Patrick (which puts him in...Georgia??);
- there is a Church of Patrick (!);
- it has a brother named Michael (presumably a church as well??);
- (Church of?) Michael is being ensnared by Bentley's enticing words;
- those words seem to emanate from the leadership (of...something??), Michael's friends, and echelons in-between.


I greatly enjoy the thought-derailing, zen-like state of standing waves that my brain enters when confronted with Denyse's prose, and I am glad to see others getting into the act. Patrick needs only to fall face first into the keyboard every now and then to add the requisite number of typos and misplaced punctuation and the act is complete!

"Humans carry plants and animals all over the globe, thus introducing them to places they could never have reached on their own. That certainly increases biodiversity." - D'OL

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