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BarryA: Faith and Reason: Everyone Has Faith.

Once again, the Wheel of Life completes a turn. And once again, the argument begins anew. With the mind clear of all obstacles, all remembrances washed away, it's as if these arguments are being made for the first time.

BarryA: Everyone Has Faith.

Let's start with the false dichotomy. In BarryA's world, there are theists and materialists. But some people think the world is completely meaningless, or gibberish, or unending irony, or an illusion, or simply don't care.

BarryA: Materialists have faith just like the rest of us.

Reaffirming the false dichotomy.

BarryA: One standard of proof is an “apodictic proof.” A is greater than B and B is greater than C. Therefore, A is greater than C.

That's not a proof. That's the transitive axiom of inequality. In other words, it's an assumption.

(Transitivity isn't applicable to all comparisons.

         Eyes over blond.
         Blond over curves.
         Curves over eyes.

BarryA: The self-created universe is a logical absurdity.

No more logically absurd than particles appearing and disappearing in the quantum vacuum.

BarryA: Therefore, there must have been an uncaused first cause. The conclusion follows inexorably from perfectly reasonable premises.

The Cosmological Argument was quite refreshing a few millennia ago.

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