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Quote (Louis @ July 14 2008,11:21)
Quote (American Saddlebred @ July 14 2008,16:04)
Quote (stevestory @ July 14 2008,03:14)
I don't know if Dembski's banned or not. I don't think he is. If someone can confirm that he's not, maybe invite him to say a few words at the commencement for page 1000.

I do recall him posting on several occasions here (a few years ago).  Never to the UCD thread though AFAIK.  I wish I could remember his handle.  He wasn't GhostOfPaley was he?

Egads I hope not! I'd like to be able to credit Dembski with more intellectual capability than that troll.

There is a clear hierarchy of tard there, I would hope that someone with two PhDs was not some obtuse moron with a fixation on the tu quoque fallacy.

Perhaps I'm too much of an optimist.



Seems less like a hierarchy and more like a taxonomic bush to me.

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