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Quote (dvunkannon @ July 13 2008,15:56)
Can we invite DDrr.. Dembski, Dave and Denise to somekind of festschrift for the 1000th page of this thread?

If it wasn't for them and their quick trigger finger on the banninator, their tolerance of cognitive dissonance, and atrociously bad writing, this thread would not exist, and the world would be a much less amusing place.

Just putting the idea out there...

Aside from being the kind of wonderful guy who wishes fatal diseases on us, calls himself a psycopath, and fantasizes about beating evolutionists, Dave makes threats about hacking the board here, and so he's on the shit list. Dembski, I don't know if Dembski's banned or not. I don't think he is. If someone can confirm that he's not, maybe invite him to say a few words at the commencement for page 1000. Since lots of people will have lots to say in response, though, might be better to invite him to the inauguration of Official Uncommonly Dense Discussion Thread 2 (working title).

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