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GrannyTard wades again into the pink mist surrounding the argument that Darwinism led inexorably to the Holocaust. She quotes DI Fellow Richard Weikart, and establishes his bona fides by claiming that he "knows more than anyone alive about the  Nazis and Darwin"

Coincidentally I just finished Robert J. Richard's The Tragic Sense of Life, an historical treatment of the life of Ernst Haeckel, who is the link that Weikart proposes from Darwin to Hitler. Richards (who might even know more than Weikart about this topic) deals extensively with Weikart's thesis, and leaves it in rubble. Here's the money quote, from the last page of the book (my emphasis).  
It can only be a tendentious and dogmatically driven assessment that would condemn Darwin for the crimes of the Nazis. And while some of Haeckel's conceptions were recruited by a few Nazi biologists, he hardly differed in that respect from Christian writers, whose disdain for Jews gave considerably more support to those dark forces. One might thus recognize in Haeckel a causal source for a few lines deployed by National Socialists, but hardly any moral connection exists by which to indict him.

Richards notes that Weikart suffers from the "failing of monocausality", the search for a single, simple cause of historic events. He notes that Weikart ignores evidence, including the fact that an official Nazi document expunged from libraries the works of those scientists thought to be "traitors" (pp 446-7). The banned scientists included Einstein and Haeckel; the latter was banned because he was a scientist advocating "the superficial scientific enlightenment of a primitive Darwinism".

In other words, Weikart's work seems to be a typical DI product. Oversimplified, ignoring evidence, and driven by dogma. No wonder GrannyTard loves it.

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