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(Permalink) Posted: July 12 2008,06:29   

Quote (carlsonjok @ July 12 2008,06:06)
I am a little late to this party, Lou, but I believe she is saying that it didn't happen, that Mirecki faked the whole incident.  Somewhere along the line someone (I recall not who) implied this and, being the good follower, FTK has apparently adopted it.

Ah, here we go:

Dec 6, 2005: In response to an earlier comment by Red Reader, Gil Dodgen advances the idea that Mirecki staged the beating.

Also Dec 6, Davescot takes a different tack by assuming Mirecki is a loud-mouth who wrote a check he couldn't cash.

Dec 7, 2005: Dembski approvingly links to a blog post implying Mirecki faked the incident.

March 7, 2007:  Davescot returns to the party line when he suggests PZ should stage a beating like Mirecki did.

So, Lou, know you know where FTK is coming from. Alpha Male said it.

It's natural to be curious about our world, but the scientific method is just one theory about how to best understand it.  We live in a democracy, which means we should treat every theory equally. - Steven Colbert, I Am America (and So Can You!)

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