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(Permalink) Posted: July 11 2008,23:06   

Quote (Chayanov @ July 11 2008,22:47)
Quote (1of63 @ July 11 2008,22:37)
Quote (Ftk @ July 11 2008,21:22)  I just read some more of them.  He's posted endless emails from Catholics.  Honestly, the whole episode makes me feel like crying...for both sides really.

Really?  I think it's great,  all these humble, compassionate, caring Christians turning the other cheek to Myers' needling, showing how superior their God-given morals make them.

Like hell!

They fornicate, lie, cheat, steal, use violence and kill just like the rest of humanity.  The only difference is they think that bullshitting about a belief in God somehow makes it okay.

And all it takes is a cracker to flush them out of the woodwork.

If an uneaten communion wafer gets them that bent out of shape, imagine how they'd react to a priest raping an altar boy.

Boggles the mind.

Do two wrongs make a right?  This would have been the perfect opportunity for PZ to rise above those nasty 'ol Christians and set an example for them.  But, did he do that?  Nope.

Kinda goes to show you that religion isn't really any worse than atheism when it comes to bigotry and hatred.

"Evolution is a creationism and just as illogical [as] the other pantheistic creation myths"  -forastero

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