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(Permalink) Posted: July 11 2008,15:13   

Quote (dnmlthr @ July 11 2008,18:57)
Back to the scheduled programming, todays forecast contains much gloating about the fallout of PZ's cracker post.

Doesn't seem right to me to be gloating about the expelling of a professor by a university because he thought child rape and genocide were somehow worse than mistreating a cracker. How will PZ support his poor trophy wife and family now that he is out of a job?  What? he still has his job (*) but his private web site is no longer linked to from Baylor's . And how will PZ support his poor trophy wife and family now that he is out of a job?</melodrama></exaggeration>

</chirpingcrickets>Actually, I reckon the principal of UMM was probably more than a little pissed off at PZ for urging his readership to inundate him with positive complimentary messages of support. That's going to annoy anyone. I think the web site would still be there if it wasn't for that.  I'm assuming it wasn't PZ's decision.  That OK for you DS?

Not as bad as urging one's readership to inundate an entire board of regents with threats and hate mail. But not still not very nice.

(*) despite the best efforts of many christians.
edit: removed extra "not". Rats, someone already quoted it.

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