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Well, I have nothing really unique to say anyway, but the use of BW by a few of the folk I agree with at PT to make us look pure and selfless - this time my comment really was a simple and controlled expression of my extreme disgust for someone everyone finds disgusting - while giving the real trolls full access to the same #### thread has broken my trust.
  Many of the pro-science side, like myself, have justified anger and disgust, and how we express it is our own business -- if not making threats or derailing threads -- and the threadmasters who act like pastors instead of editors can #### well piss off when they abuse their position.

  I'll leave the boards to others and work with the issue in ways that matter, and right now the PT discussions do not matter much: this is the trench warfare phase of the struggle when no lurker is going to change their mind no matter how many propaganda flyers are scattered about, or how many well-crafted, sincere, angry, cheerful, honest posts anyone makes.

 PT (and Talk Origins and several others!;) has a real function, and I laud the people doing the real work of detailing the science and exposing the lies and intrigues of the completely cynical Creationist/ Fundamentalist movement, but why involve myself in what is now a stupid shouting match?  Why argue or persuade people as shitty and stupid as LarryF, or Thordaddy, or as insincerely sincere as that Advo guy?
 It's your time, folks, and do what you think right, or enjoy, but I've finally had enough, with also being casually pissed on by someone with the views I support as well.

 Goodbye, until the next "VC" and "VID" Days, at least!

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