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There seem to be some conflicting ideas of what the comments on PT posts are there for. Most contributors think that the comments are for others to reflect upon the post and put in some substantive commentary, adding to what is there or bringing up serious considerations and critique of the content of the post.

There aren't a lot of posts that don't meet this criteria. You can't blame people for what they think is substance. Since it's OK to be Off-Topic here on the Bathroom Wall, I am going to ask you a question: what is the point of this blog? Is it an educational forum with serious entries or is there a sort of lighthearted side to it? I can think of a lot of posts that are just plain funny and have very little if any redeeming science or legal value. There is a lot of nuance to the global subject and the gray area is exceptionally hard to define. (Ask Raging Bee who makes very odd remarks here but publishes a pretty good blog of her own).

If people can't use laser-like accuracy in their comments it may be for several reasons, time constraints, knowledge level, elloquence at the moment etc. but they -we - really are discussing the topics, albeit sometimes in a roundabout way. This global subject has different meanings for different people and That's why we post comments.

I personally have a strange fascination with fundies ever since a bunch of them broke some equipment I was using. Weirdest thing but when confronted their lack of neurons was utterly astounding. They were doing gods work.

For whatever reason people comment they are contributing to the debate. You could always try to go to a slashdot kind of system but your impartiality is a pretty stark contrast to uncommon descent and people can see that. It is always better to be on the side of intellectual honesty and that is a major theme of this blog. Or am I missing the point entirely?

Would you prefer that I don't share my thoughts and opinions on PT? How about Arden? Lenny? k.e.? Or do we contribute in some way?

How about you Steve Reuland? What would you like to see?

I am not in a snit. I seriously wonder. I might have missed the mark when I first found this blog. It wouldn't be the first time. But I do have a serious interest in the topics and  I am a little irrepressable so I post comments.

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