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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 10 2006,07:01   

<quote>You don’t really want to ban Andy. Haven’t you all noticed that this is all for “amusement purposes only” and should not be played for investment purposes? Andy provides a good whipping boy and sometimes even makes us laugh. And dog only knows, some of us desperately need a good laugh. Especially if it can be at someone else’s expense. I’m not convinced Andy is really larry. I mean, I don’t think he knows he’s Larry.</quote>

I think it would depend on what the intent of the comment section of the blog is.  If it's just a place for people to informally bullshit about things vaguely related to the original post, then yes, there's really no reason to ban him.

If we're attempting to have even somewhat formal academic commentary or related on-topic debate, however, then there's a very strong reason to ban him.  In those settings, cranks who do not support themselves are ultimately unwelcome.  

I think it's a question of which one this is...

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