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Quote (heddle @ Aug. 14 2007,17:16)

I see you have read the comments from the link GCT has provided and agree with him that I have changed my position (am a hypocrite.) Do you care to back that up?—Where in those comments have I deviated from what I have been claiming here:
1) Atheists deny God
2) Atheists hate God
3) That hatred is expressed by the doctrine of Original sin

Where did I back down? Yes, this is a challenge

I have nothing to add to the exchange between you and GCT - or to this fascinating discussion, but I retract my accusation of hypocrisy.  Just as you have no way of knowing whether I have a visceral antipathy to your sky-lord, I have no way of testing the sincerity of your antinomial beliefs.

"You can establish any “rule” you like if you start with the rule and then interpret the evidence accordingly." - George Gaylord Simpson (1902-1984)

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