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Bob O'H

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 20 2006,23:05   

I'm working on a theory (like Paley ;) ), and am wondering if our Islander friends can clarify Blair's position on ID for me?

I've read several UK news articles, but all seem to actually deal with his positions kind of indirectly.

Is he voicing 'teach the controversy', open denial of evolutionary theory, or just what exactly?

Nobody else has answered you, so I'll try.

Blair is a believer in choice, and the creationist stuff got caught up as part of this.  He may well not have a strong opinion on evolution: my guess is that he believes it to be true, but doesn't think about it.  Most Britons are like that.

He wouldn't push any policy on this even if he was a creationist.  Partly because it's not his job: the British system is more diffuse, so it would be the job of the Education Secretary (who's got too many other things to worry about now).  He would also be aware that it's a vote loser: he would look like a fundamentalist and would be attacked from all sides, including from within his party.

In summary: one less thing to worry about.


It is fun to dip into the various threads to watch cluelessness at work in the hands of the confident exponent. - Soapy Sam (so say we all)

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