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Raging Bee

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 20 2006,05:59   

The PT thread on "Falsifying ID" was closed to comments, so I'm stomping off in a huff and posting my response to Mr. Heddle here.  I am an ARTISTE, and I must EXPRESS myself...   :p

Mr. Heddle: I never said anything about a "gap."  What are you asking me?

If the cosmological constant were not fine tuned then there would be no stars...

I believe what you mean to say is "If the cosmological constant were something other than what it is..."  The difference is important: the mere fact that the constant is to our liking, does not prove it was "fine-tuned" by anyone.  And by the way, if you want to advance a truly scientific hypothesis about "fine-tuning," you'll have to postulate a specific mechanism by which such "fine-tuning" can take place.  Unless of course it's by a supernatural agency, which takes us outside the realm of science...and even astrology...

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