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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 24 2006,11:17   

<i>Mynym can be safely ignored, at least on the Internet.</i>

Then please adhere to your own words, since it seems that you have nothing to say about the "mountains of evidence" for Darwinism anyway.

<i>Wow, mynym, your posts get less coherent every day. I guess their total lack of any coherent content or structure makes them “irefutable,” eh?</i>

Only in your own imagination...

<i>You need some lessons in clear writing from the LaRouchies and flat-earthers. Either that, or more meds…</i>

I suspect that you would drug people if you could if that was the way the Herd was running these days given the totalitarianism typical to those grounded in scientism and the way that they seek physical solutions to metaphysical problems.  

Too bad you live in America, huh?  A nation founded on and defined by ideas rather than a physical people, who would have <i>thought</i> it...

<i>What a grouchy, unpleasant fellow you are, mynym! How perfectly you exemplify EVERYTHING not only wrong, but unpleasant, about creationists (under whatever cover name).</i>

If those with the urge to merge found my writing pleasant just as they seem to like the uncivilized and censorious politician above then I would be concerned that I was not making enough separations, discriminations and that <i>type</i> of thing.  It's good to see that is not the case.  Of course you didn't really say anything about the perversion of separation of church and state from the intentions of Founders like Franklin that leads into absurd situations like some federal judge trying to define "religion" and "science" for everyone, but that's to be expected.

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