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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 18 2006,14:42   

"counter-intuitive and contrary to reason" certainly seems to be Larry`s mantra for all facts that run contrary to his preconceived notions.  Leaving aside the fact that a great many of us find the idea of a non-corporeal person that is simultaneously omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent to be both completely meaningless, and useless except as a convention of langage, the concept is very "counter-intuitive and contrary to reason."  Larry, most of modern science, including things that you can in no way pretend to deny are based on theories that are "counter-intuitive and contrary to reason."  It is very bizarre to think that a picture can be broken down into innumerable tiny pieces, transmitted through the air, and reassabled in real time to form a comprehensible image, and yet this happens every time you turn on your television.  Modern science is much more complicated and messy than the science merely as a mental exercise that was practiced by Aristotle and his like.  Like it or not, the mere fact that a theory is not inherently obvious to the most cursory glance is no proof of its invalidity.

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