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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 24 2006,10:48   

<i>I can’t seem to find any of this. Why should it be taught with zero support? Or am I just missing the support? Please note, by the by, that I’m not asking for a refutation of evolution.</i>

No matter, those who go as craaazy about "evolution" as the writers here seem to would also be against refutation of any <i>type</i> being taught anyway.  And how would one set about refuting an amorphous term that can mean anything from  a specific and observed change in the size of the beaks of birds to all "change" that has ever taken place in the Cosmos?  You may as well stick your hand in a mud puddle and claim to have refuted the water that flows around it.  Interesting how scientific "evolution" is though, given that the term covers so much hypothetical goo that can never be refuted and so many hypotheses that were never refined and defined into sound theories to be tested in the first place.  How do you refute something that cannot rise to the level of being objectively wrong in the first place?

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