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'Rev Dr' Lenny Flank


(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 27 2006,17:26   

<quote>My exposure to Hinduism and Buddhism has not benefited from the “inside sources” you have had, but from symposia conducted by westernized “experts” that always left me with the feeling that my grasp is less than complete.</quote>

Learning about a thing by hearing what others say about that thing, is never a good thing.

Sort of like learning about Judaism by asking the Klan about it.

<quote>I now wonder why that committee of rabbis that went to India to investigate Hinduism came back with the conclusion that it constitutes idol worship in the biblical sense, </quote>

Well, what the #### did anyone EXPECT they would do --- declare that Judaism and Hinduism were wonderfully compatible with each other?

<quote>which implies that the adherents view their gods as having independent power to act. Perhaps they interviewed only members of those sects you speak of that do believe this.</quote>

Pure statistics makes that exceedingly unlikely.

<quote>In that case they did a shoddy job.</quote>

They saw what they wanted to see. Religions have a funny way of doing that.  (shrug)

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