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Carol Clouser


(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 27 2006,17:25   


  "I am still a bit angry, both with myself and the ID movement, because I originally fell for their hoax."

I would suggest that you not be too hard on yourself there.

First, the ID people really believe in ID. I give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they did not set out to deceive anyone.

Second, while their theory has no scientific basis, it could very well be vaild in the sense that it happened that way. In other words, the universe and life could very well be intelligently designed, whether we can substantiate that assertion or not. There is nothing in science that contradicts ID.

Third, scientific work almost always involves "wasting" time on theories that turn out to be wrong, going down blind alleys and chasing dead ends, sometimes for years (even decades). That is the nature of the beast. So you had a theory and then reconsidered. So what? It's all in a days work of a scientist.

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