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Quote (stevestory @ May 14 2019,13:22)
Quote (Dr.GH @ May 14 2019,14:05)
So the Disco'tutes posted some push-back on my James Tour posts.

It is built on a long whine from James Tour to John West:


Finally, Hurd dismisses Tour’s lecture as a whole by asserting: “There are too many falsehoods, and misrepresentations to review in detail.” But if there really were so many falsehoods in Tour’s talk, you would think Hurd would choose to refute the ones that were the most central to Tour’s hour-long critique. Instead, Hurd obsesses about four minutes where Tour criticizes one short article. I’ve seen Hurd’s critique treated online as if it were a devastating takedown of Tour’s views. But anyone who watches Tour’s entire lecture can easily see that all Hurd offers is (at best) a skirmish at the edges.
"He only beat us up on some minor things!"  :)  :p  :D

It’s only a flesh wound!

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