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I assume most of you are missing out on the Dave Hawkins Show over on the ARSE subforum at TalkRational as of late. For special definitions of the phrase "missing out" that is.

There is no "styrofoam iceberg" trick with me.  (I doubt there is with Trump either).  Both he and I work like crazy trying to quickly become experts at whatever it is we put our minds to learning and whenever we run across someone who is so obviously ignorant of the given topic, yet massively arrogant, our mouths just drop open in disbelief.

edit: linky

It will probably surprise few that Dave is a full blown member of Cult 45 and firmly believes Trump is a "stable genius" and #winning 24/7. In fact, Dave has his head so far up the ass of the right wing propaganda machine he's picked up and posted (jaq'd) a few times some of the historical revisionism that the supremacists and neo-nazis have been trying to mainstream these last couple of years.

The last was his attempt to "reexamine" if slavery really was a primary cause of the Civil War. By the end of the thread Dave tossing around an accusation or two of "socialist!" and quoting Gen. Douglas MacArthur as an authority on how they are the same as evil commies and fascists. He even gets in a "globalist" swipe or two before someone educates him on wtf that (((dog whistle))) actually means.

Around the time of alt-right shit-show in Charlottesville Dave was "wondering" if all those Confederate monuments and statues put up almost entirely on school and university grounds, totes coincidentally during the years of desegregation, actually had anything to do with racism.

Oh, and as per usual, Dave understands evolution better than Darwinists and has provided a recent rash of reposts concerning the same 10yo debunked Exodus/Flood nonsense recycled from here and abroad. His "quotemine-headstand-and-squint" was pretty entertaining.

On the whole though Dave is pretty happy with himself though. Still "saving the world", presumably by spreading around a thin layer of animal crap in the hills outside of Buttfuck,MO whilst drawing up his grand plans for a utopian "subdivision" none of which anybody else really seems to give a shit about. Well, except for the tardy byproduct it develops. Also something about having a cow for a while but had to get rid of, for some reason? For a guy who spent years expounding on "that's what god wants us to return to, his plan" and whatnot he seems to be just fine with dropping that bit. *shrug*

And so it goes.  /update

Oh, and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Bah Humbug, etc., etc.

"So I'm a pretty unusual guy and it's not stupidity that has gotten me where I am. It's brilliance."

"My brain is one of the very few independent thinking brains that you've ever met. And that's a thing of wonder to you and since you don't understand it you criticize it."

~Dave Hawkins~

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