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Quote (stevestory @ Nov. 12 2012,17:38)
I have friends who are comic-book artists for whom facebook is a godsend.

For me, it's simple. Society depends on us being different people in different circumstances. I am chief hardware geek for a tool company. I am not the same person in that role, as I am when I'm in the role of, say, 'relative of tea party types'. Roles are somewhat separate. 'Friend of Ginger the sexy communist', 'friend of Harry the grumpy senior who hates obama and cursing on tv', 'friend of lesbian couple Stormy and Linda Sue', 'Friend of coworker Mike the FauxNews addict', 'friend of Ecstasy user Winnie', 'The Steve who goes on benders with Rob the Heavy Drinking Democrat', 'friend of Jenn the conspiracy believing new ager' are all different roles I play. "Friend of Steff' and 'friend of Sara Sue' are different roles, in part because either would hate me if they knew i was friends with the other. There's no such thing as just Public Steve and Private Steve.

Also, a quick google will find you numerous articles along the lines of '10 reasons facebook is bad' that I'll mostly agree with.

Very interesting and thought provoking.

Out of curiosity, is there any role for Steve to play?

On the one hand I agree with you.  We all play roles.  On the other hand, I am who I am and if someone doesn't like that, then they are free to leave me the hell alone.  I've lost several fb friends and a father that way.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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