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Quote (Lou FCD @ Nov. 11 2012,05:48)
Quote (stevestory @ Nov. 10 2012,11:26)
a big part of why i don't have facebook, and hopefully never will, are all the delicacies about who to friend, unfriend, etc.

My rant about the many reasons I think facebook is fundamentally flawed is another essay, and already covered by plenty of people.

Yeah, Facebook is the debil, and all the cool hipster kids hate on it these days.

Personally, I like it. I keep up with what my kids and friends are doing without 37 long phone conversations every single day. I have cool new science papers and blog posts come through my feed fairly constantly, and I can put out a call for a paper I don't have access to, but need, and have a copy usually within about five minutes. I make new photography contacts through friends and find out about group events and gallery exhibit openings (went to one last night, actually, had a lot of fun), and even just get ideas about what I want a model's eye make-up to look like in that shoot I'm planning for next week.

I tend to not care much about who unfriends me. I thought it was funny when my Pop did. Frankly, if anyone over the age of 14 is sweating who to friend or unfriend, it's probably best that they stay off Facebook. I'd give that advice to my Pop on his Facebook wall, but, um.. yeah.

It's a networking tool. It works for me, ymmv.

Plus, this and lolcats when this place is so dreadfully slow.


Confession: I am on FaceBook and do like the connections I have made.
Also like the ability to block all my idiot relatives.

"It's as if all those words, in their hurry to escape from the loony, have fallen over each other, forming scrambled heaps of meaninglessness." -damitall

That's so fucking stupid it merits a wing in the museum of stupid. -midwifetoad

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