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Quote (Lou FCD @ Nov. 09 2012,21:37)
Quote (stevestory @ Nov. 09 2012,19:52)
That post is unclear. All the negative things about the horrible candidate were supposed to be about Obama.

Hence my link reading "Not exactly". It was just bizarre how well they described Romney's campaign, but were talking about Obama.

Quote (stevestory @ Nov. 09 2012,19:52)
But yeah, fox news is def part of an alternate reality. There's even an essay out there by a conservative, about how he and his friends increasingly can't talk with their older relatives who've been watching fox all day for a few years and are now hysterical and batshit.

fox geezer syndrome

Yeah, I can't even talk to my Pop about anything much more than the weather. Anything else and he's on about revolution and taxation without representation and Obama's a nazi communist muslim atheist born in Kenya and groomed to destroy America.

Last time it got that far was Easter a year and a half ago. My daughter was in from college and I was up there having breakfast. When he came in the door, first thing out of his mouth was "Hey son, did ya see what Trumpy's doing??" and started in on the birth certificate. I gave him hell because I just wanted to enjoy the time with Kay. He stomped out, stormed down to his house and deleted me from his facebook friends list. If you're looking at your calendar, it was later that week that Obama released his long form birth certificate.

Oddly, he's never mentioned the birth certificate to me since.

a big part of why i don't have facebook, and hopefully never will, are all the delicacies about who to friend, unfriend, etc.

My rant about the many reasons I think facebook is fundamentally flawed is another essay, and already covered by plenty of people.

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