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Quote (Robin @ Nov. 09 2012,09:28)
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Nov. 08 2012,08:52)
mark levin's radio show was an epic fountain of colon contusion

pm me i will send that shit to you in an mp3 for your schaedenfreude files

I caught some of his stuff myself, Ras. Just the funniest crap evah! Between him and Limpbough I think my systolic has dropped 20 points and my diastolic is down 50. Robin Williams was never this funny.

ETA: BTW, for those who didn't catch it, this bit about got me in an auto accident I was laughing so hard.

Holy Cow!

I really want to know what he thinks is 'conservative enough'.  

But, if Romney won the primary because he was the most moderate, then it doesn't really make sense that he lost the general election because he was too moderate.  Oh well, logic and constancy are not hallmarks of the GOP.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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