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Quote (snorkild @ Nov. 07 2012,02:32)
Quote (Amadan @ Nov. 06 2012,17:23)
Now we know:

137 Mammals on the Ark

Isn't Jesus Science wonderful?

Oh dear Bobby Byers isn't going to be happy!

The Tasmanian wolf has got a kind all by itself and is no doggie at all.

Any chance of another cut-and-paste over previous texts? Thylacinus Yes We Canidaenocephalus? :p


And Dinesh D'souza was forced a few weeks ago to step down as president :D of King's College due to being engaged to another woman while still married to Dixie. (Dixie. You can't make this stuff up!;) Didn't D'souza become a fellow of the Disco Tute, too? I can't even remember! Well, another one down.

Pale, stale, and need to bail!

Which came first: the shimmy, or the hip?

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