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Quote (Cubist @ Oct. 18 2012,11:46)
Quote (Quack @ Oct. 17 2012,15:17)
Is a reasonable estimate available on how much money has been spent on OOL research?

A local IDiot claims billons of dollars have been spent and I don't think that's anywhere near true.

Billions of dollars, over what span of time? If the IDiot is saying that the total amount of money ever spent on OOL research is billions of dollars, that might be true; if the IDiot is saying that it's billions of dollars per year, that's something else again. Likewise, are they talking about research funds in the US alone, or research funds all over the world?

Even if it's "all over the world, ever", I'd be surprised if it came out to billions. áThe experimental work is, as far as I know, all fairly small-scale chem-lab stuff - time-consuming, but hardly Big Science. áYou don't need a particle accelerator or a radio telescope.

Edit: I suppose you've asked IDiot to supply evidence?

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