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Quote (OgreMkV @ Oct. 13 2012,07:04)
Quote (Ftk @ Oct. 12 2012,15:39)
lol...the career he's wanting to go into there is no way he'd get a decent apprenticeship without a serious amount of education on 3D animation.  Check out Full Sail's animation programs...freaking top notch.

sigh... if you come to ask the experts, why don't you listen to them... oh wait... nevermind.

Academy of Art University - talk about top notch and it's accredited.

CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) - is the top ranked digital animation school by Disney and Pixar (the Pixar head went there).  It's accredited.

Those are schools that actually provide internships at good places.  Yes, they will be tough to get in.

Honestly though, at this point, if he hasn't actually created an animated short-film, then he's seriously behind.  Same thing with programmers.

When I was a teacher, I had no shortage of high school students saying they were going to be game programmers.  I asked them how many games they had built so far.  Every time the answer was none.  I asked how many programming languages they knew.  Every time the answer was none.  I told them that they better get on the stick because there were (and are) 8th graders who have published apps on the iPhone and a job won't even look at them until they have a serious portfolio of work.

I'm not trying to be discouraging.  That's the way the world is.  Right now, to do anything other than basic work in any field, you have to be seriously involved before high school.  I mean, creating games, creating short films, doing science and engineering before you even get to college.


I used to be in charge of a large team of developers.  A un. degree was just a sign that somebody could focus long enough to pass exams. We paid well and looked for people who lived and breathed coding

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