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He's been teaching himself programs needed for the field he is interested in for years.  He's created and sold his concepts in small venues.  He's working on a 3D claymation short film in an independent study he's working on at school. His portfolio will have to include a 3D animation that he's already been working on concepts for.

He's talked to a head of 2 college art departments here in KS, and they said he is ahead of most students just entering their freshman year in as far as the things he's self taught himself, so I think we're on track to a degree.  I'm not worried about that.  

My main concern is the financial aspect and getting him to the right school without destroying him financially for the rest of his life.  As well as getting into a school that will hopefully guarantee a decent job in the field.

Btw, his 3rd and 4th choices were CalArts and BYU, although he's been advised that the other two I mentioned have even more connections with Pixar/Disney, etc. than CA and BYU.  Who the hell knows.

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