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Quote (Ftk @ Oct. 12 2012,14:12)
Hmmm.  Says it's nationally accredited I thought.  Supposedly Full Sail and Ringling are two of the top animation universities in the country.  Oh well, can't afford it anyway.  

Oh, and I've told him numerous times to get his teaching degree in there somewhere.  

Yes, art is not the way to go in this economy, but wth do you do when that's where all your talent lies and your obsessed with it?  We've already learned the hard way with his Dad's career path that the economy can destroy your dreams, but whatever.  

So many decisions.

There are only 6 accrediting agencies that mean anything.  They are the 6 regional accrediting bodies.  They will have a "region name", followed by "Association of Colleges and Schools".

Anyone can claim to be accredited.  Unless it's one of those six it doesn't mean crap.  The University of Phoenix has more 'accreditations' than the university I graduated from.  Stilll, a regional accreditation is not one of them and degrees from University of Pheonix are not accepted by most actual universities.  That also means that (like Full Sail), they can take your money and give you jack shit in return and no one will say anything about it.

If the boy goes to a school with regional accreditation, then if he lacks a skill that his school was supposed to provide (taking and passing a course in it, for example), then he can complain to the school and/or the accrediting body and the school MUST retrain him for free.

Besides, if he wants graduate school from an actual college or university, those degrees from Full Sail, University of Phoenix, etc don't mean jack shit.  And I mean that literally.  Even the crappy little commuter school I graduated from won't accept a bachelor's degree from UP for graduate school.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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