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???? How the hell would he pick up a good job doing 3D computer animation without a degree from a top notch school?  He's not wanting to settle for crap....he's totally motivated to get into 3D or game, etc.  I don't know if he can to it, but he does have the dedication and the drive.  He's top in his AP of 1,750, which means nothing in the big world, but still I'd like to see him get a chance at his dream some way.

Here's a question...getting a website to display his stuff.  He has basically no time right now to set anything up because he's bogged down with school and art projects & competitions that have him putting in hours before & after school and often missing lunch.  

What are the best type of on line websites to use for displaying his ar?  Somewhere he could just upload his art and information so he would have it at his fingertips when discussing his work.  I see tons of website builders on line, but are any of you familiar with them and which ones are more user friendly for our needs?

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