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Quote (Ftk @ Oct. 12 2012,11:39)
So, back to the kid's college discussion.  Life sucks when you're poor.  He would kill to go to Full Sail or Yingling down in Florida, but we're looking at about $100,000 tuition that would put him in debt in a bad economy for who knows how long.  Sad, because he is very talented in art.  He was at a state wide competition yesterday and won a lot of awards with his concepts.  Not bragging, just saying it sucks when you're poor and your kid has the talent.  

We'll look at scholarships and financial aid of course, but I doubt it will make much of a dent.  

Looks like he'll be starting out at Washburn, because it looks to have the best art/animation department in the state.  Sad, because I don't think it will challenge him at all...he's already talked with the head of the department and there are things he can learn of course, but would be sooo much ahead at those other colleges.

Sucks...taking a loan that huge may put you in debt forever when you're just starting your life.  Too many risks.  grrrr...frustrating as all hell.

And yet, if I recall correctly, you're planning on voting for the guy who suggests that your kid borrow money from you to go to college.  

Art is tough... any art.  And Full Sail is not accredited.  Which means that they don't actually have to educate your kid in order to take his money.  

Oh and the economy is picking up pretty well.  Three schools around here are hiring new art teachers.

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