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So very tired of this crap.  I've spent the last three days basically debunking that damned Seralini paper about the GM-fed rats that got cancer.

It's stupid crap paper, the conclusions are totally impossible, and everyone who's anti-GM crops is going apeshit over it.  Jesus these people are scientifically illiterate morons.

"100%* of the rats fed a 22% diet of GM-corn got cancer and died after 2 years."

"Really?  Wow, who'd have thought that a breed of rat specifically designed to get cancers would have died of cancer after half their normal life span.  I can't imagine a human about 45 years old with cancer."

"But, 100% of the rats died from it."

"Hmm... 70% of the rats that had no GM-feed and no pesticide also died."


"What did the control rats die from?"


"What caused the cancer in the control rats?"

"I don't know.  The paper doesn't say."

"How do you know that what caused the cancer in the control rats did not cause cancer in the experimental rats?"

"Because the experimental rats ate GM-feed."

"Oh sorry, Joe, I didn't recognize you there.  You're an idiot.  Please explain, using data from the paper, how we know that the experimental rats didn't died from the same thing the control rats died from."

"Because the experimental rats were fed GM-feed."

"Ever heard of confirmation bias?"


"Ever heard of cherry-picking?"


"Yeah, I didn't think so.  Sigh.  BTW: Did you happen to note that out of 18** experimental groups, the control group had MORE deaths than 3 of them?"

"Yeah so?"

"And did you also notice that in 3 of those groups that the rats fed the MOST GM-feed and pesticide had the LOWEST death rate?"

"Yeah so?"

"And that 3 other groups that had the most GM-feed had the second lowest death rate?  So out of 6 groups that got the most of the GM feed, pesticide, or whatever... all of them had fewer deaths than the other experimental groups."

"Yeah so?"

"SO what Seralini is saying is that you're more likely to survive being shot in the chest twice instead of once."


"Oh yeah. Sorry Joe, sarcasm.  You wouldn't get it.  As I have just shown, it is impossible to draw the conclusion that GM-feed and cancer are even correlated, much less that GM-feed causes cancer."

"So, you're saying that inspite of the cancer and death, GM-food is safe."

"Sigh, no moron.  I'm saying that the paper is useless.  No conclusions can be drawn from it.  And that we should just look at the dozens of other papers that show GM-food as not being dangerous... at least until actual valid evidence appears otherwise."


* all 10

** Yes 18! experimental groups... all compared to the same 20 controls.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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