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Totally off topic, but thought I'd just ask....

If there are any college professors reading this (Wesley, Dave, whomever), I need to get in touch with a really good career/college counselor.  

My oldest is headed off to college next year and he's discouraged at the moment about career paths.  He's talked to his high school counselors and teachers and really not getting the information he'd like.  He could go to one of the state colleges and ask there, I guess, but each college is usually specialized in certain career paths.  

Bleh...I don't even know where to begin, but if you know of someone from this forum who many not ever read this but would have some good advise, would you mind sharing his/her name and I'll send them a message.

I'm asking tons of people, and since you all consider yourselves so highly educated, I thought you might be able to throw me some advise.


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