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Quote (Amadan @ June 14 2012,05:27)
Well, while we definitely paid ourselves too much, we're not in the same boat as Greece: the problem was made muchmuchmuch worse by the decision to lump bank debt onto the public purse (i.e. me).

Gnash gnash etc.

On a brighter note: my niece in Dortmund got 1.5 in her Abi! Off to Med School, Yayyyyy!

Yes, that's what happened here, too: "Too big to fail". That gave the banks and companies a pass to be foolhardy again.

And I'm glad to hear about your niece's success. Will she go to uni immediately, or will she do a year of volontary service (thereby saving the government the expenses for trained staff)?

Oops, sorry for my labour union rantings.

Barry Arrington is a bitch.

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