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Quote (Lou FCD @ June 08 2012,19:11)
Quote (Bob O'H @ June 04 2012,09:19)
BTW, has Elevator Man been identified?

Oddly enough, no.

Considering that Watson claimed to have some neurological problem that made it hard or impossible to recognize faces, I think we're more likely to come to a consensus on the historical Jesus problem than we are at finding out who EG may have been (assuming he wasn't allegorical as well).  

Hey, can we start an HEG/MEG argument?   :p

Just for shits and giggles read through a lot of a thread related to the sexism-at-TAM bit on the JREF forum.  Yeesh.    Almost as much fun as reading the John Loftus-FtB childish outbursts.  The internet - making teenage angst and high school antics popular?  Really, why?

(I have my college age nephew on Facebook, and reading his postings on his now ex-relationship....yeck.  We all may be idiots sometimes, but at least we never used to post it so that everyone in the world can read about it.  Societies ideas of privacy and decorum sure have changed, or at least some parts of society).

ETA - as best as I can recall it was neurological.  Maybe not.  It's been a long time and I've had better things to focus on.

"Just think if every species had a different genetic code We would have to eat other humans to survive.." : Joe G

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