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Quote (Ftk @ June 01 2011,10:07)
Im not concerned...Im just stating the facts.  Get over yourselves.  Everyone has different what?  Some of the hatred over here is just over the top.  And, yes, I know that it stems from shit you read about the "religious right" or whatever.  But, Christian extremists are few and far between, imho.  I live in the bible belt and never run across the scary type of religious people ya'll always blabber about.

Chickiepoo, you ARE a Christian extremist. Do not conflate "hatred" with "contempt" and "pity". You believe that your big book o'bullshit trumps reality (you're on board with Wally Brown, for fuck's sake!), you're a nasty little piece of work with regard to judging other people (yes, play all cutesy-folksy and then say something specifically calculated to wound somebody you hope is vulnerable), you are trying to undermine science education, and despite your protestations to the contrary, you would gleefully impose your sectarian "morals" on the rest of the world if given the opportunity.  The only way in which you fall short of the mark is that I honestly expected you to be dumpier and have squeezed out a couple more puppies.  Thankfully for the gene pool, the damage is somewhat limited.

Speaking of which, time to get my 5'10", 140 pound self to the gym.

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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