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[Graffiti moved to Bathroom Wall. - Wesley R. Elsberry]

The data I gave you did not take into account race, creed, or social status.  It is only giving you the numbers.  There are plenty of other stats on that site that you can look at to see those things.

The problem here became clear to me while reading your post.
Remember, Mr. Cogzoid, academics really, really loathe white, heterosexual Christian men, and this influences their work.
I don't think this is true at all.  In fact, most academics ARE white, heterosexual Christian men.  You might as well make another baseless claim like "Jesus ate babies!"  I think you are confusing race caused crime with socio-economic caused crime.  Are blacks more likely to commit crimes, or are poor people more likely to commit crimes?  What about middle class blacks, do they commit crimes?  What about poor whites?  Do you have any numbers to suggest that race is the bigger factor than the size of their paycheck?

Crime, abortion, and other social ills are a product of the society, and we are all apart of that society, even the white, heterosexual, Christian men.  Our nation's religion doesn't seem to be doing much to thwart the tide of those social ills.  It's an empty statement to say that religion helps our nation in any way.  Show me the numbers, man.  I showed you the numbers that suggest that a lack of religion doesn't hurt social ills.  Just look at the liberal Dutch.  They even teach evolution in schools there!


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