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Hello Pandas Thumb and Anti-Evolution,

Please excuse that I did not introduce myself before submitting the above post to this discussion board. I’m here seeking open, honest communication with respectable scientists and scholars engaged in contemporary issues. Exposing anti-evolution theories for what they ‘really’ are certainly counts as a valid approach in my understanding of science and philosophy.

A longer version of the above post was submitted elsewhere in a place of discussion for Evolution, intelligent design and Creation on the internet and RBH made several comments there. But I had also imagined potential here for discussing the ideas raised by RBH and myself, given that multiple designers’ theory was originally posted at Panda’s Thumb and ISCID. Is the silence a case of fear, folly or unfriendliness...?

As far as I’ve read, several people at PT accept MDT as a valuable critique of single designer (or SID) theories, though the relevance of MDT as an independent research program is not entirely clear. Perhaps RBH is even in the process of fleshing out his theory into something more concrete than it is today and would be willing to raise the issue here. If you folks have already had much discussion about this topic, then please let me know.  

Maybe if I streamline the long post to just two (and a half) questions, it would provide clearer ground for discussion:

1. Is or is not multiple designers’ theory meant as an anti-evolution (or counter-evolution) theory? (I.e. alternative to evolution)

2. Does RBH wish to improve upon intelligent design theory by remaining inside of its current (morphing-big tent) formulations or does he need something conceptually outside of what ID theorists have thus far suggested if MDT is to be successful? Is MDT formulated basically as anti-ID?

It would seem to be important that well-thought out alternatives to evolution or even anti-evolution theories, not born or originated from within the realm of creation vs. evolution controversies, be available that can be used in situations such as what is happening in Kansas these days. Somewhere over the rainbow, these things may or may not apply.  

Hoping these count as legitimate concerns in the realm of and for the purpose of discussion at Panda’s Thumb,  



Undefeated and therefore rejected by those in the IDM.

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