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Saddle Bred,

If that statement is so laughable to you, take it up with Chris Colby over at talkorigins.

No you quote him as someone you are in agreement with, reference, an appeal to authority, that makes it yours to defend... moron.

I think you need serious psychotherapy, or have yourself hooked up to the Super VII Neural Pathomizer or whatver invention that whackjob L. Ron Hubbard invented.

I hardly think my lifetime as a protestant believer would leads anyone top conclude I an in any way tied to Scientology. Just more illogical claptrap.. you are ptitful you know.

You love to talk about spontaneous generation.  Those creationist scientists responsible for almost all of science (which is true from a certain point of view) also thought eels were spontaneously generated if a horse hair was dropped overboard into the sea.  Then we discovered the Sargasso Sea, and baby eels weren't made by horse hairs anymore.

Never once made mention of that term as you place it historically. Nice try but just another dishonest illogical fallacy on your part.

Just like we found the Sargasso Sea, we found evolution. Suddenly everything made sense, the geologic column,
( doesn't exist any where ; no worldwide non-conformity ever found)

the fossil record,

( the greates t failure and least conformatory of any non-biological evidence)

the large concentrations of marsupials in Austrailia.  If you say continental drift (which AiG supports) isolated the marsupials it makes sense.  If you tell me people departed post-Babel with a koala in one arm and a wallaby in the other, that doesn't.

(rediculous straw man and you know it)

If you tell me insects survived the Noahic Flood by building rafts, that doesn't make sense either.

I didn't but they easily could and its seen all teh time in rivers and local floods; not buildoing but simply catching a ride.

Evolution provides answers that the Bible can't even touch on.  The Bible is a finished work and doesn't change. The Bible's answers are based on truth , evolution on lies and distortions.

There is religion.  There is science.  If your God insists on living only within the margins of science, I see why you want to keep those margins wide.  Furthermore, what kind of geek prints his arguments on the internet to show to his professor?  Get a wife kid.

I have no profs I am an employee and have peers and the prof doesn't read I gave them to him to read.

What kind of weirdo get her jollies watching horses have sex?

You never answered any of my posts... as usual.

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