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Lisa,  your not a baboon .. they're a lot more intelligent than you are.

Your psychobabble about Jesus is unrelated to my comments and nonsensical.

Now lets see if we can make sense out of the quoted material.

Progress: development or improvement

Empirically Driven Improvement Of Generic Process Models (PDF)
... Empirically Driven Improvement Of. Generic Process Models ... els), and their continuous improvement and evolution. towards prescriptive generic models [9]. Moreover, - 110k - View as html - More from this site - Save - Block
Evolution: Change: Life's Grand Design
... night vision. One improvement at a time. The pathway by which evolution can produce complex structures ... eye. However slight that improvement, as long as it is genuine - 29k - Cached - More from this site - Save - Block

... What is Evolution? Biological evolution consists of change in the hereditary characteristics of groups ... common consequence of natural selection is adaptation, an improvement in the - 101k - View as html - More from this site -

There are about 10,000 references to improvement and evolution on Google. How can a species organism et al be more fit and thus more likely to survive if it not an improvement relative to its prior state within the context of its environment and surroundings.

What does Dawkins mean when he says " an eye that is only able see well enough to detect a blurly preditor and escape extinction is "better" than a sensitive light spot or no eye at all."

As usual the evos have utter confusion over what their theory means, its core definitions and implcations. Is there any tenet of evolution that your camp agrees on ... just one please.

"modified with decent to adapt to their environment" another statement at 100% conflict with any number of statements by leading evolutionists. Evolution has no direction, no purpose, no plan it is the product of random mutation at the genetic level giving rise to totally unplanned changes in the organisms form and function. The environment then is either hostile to or supportive of those changes and the organism is either as a species more reproductively successful or it is made extinct. In no sense does the organism "adapt to the environment" in fact the environment adapts it either to continued life or to death, as a species.

Every extant species is as "fully modern" as we are. Are modern cars, appliances or anything tangible not better or improved in form and function relative to the older outdated versions? Laughable inconsistency.

I dont know one person who thinks we are decended from an extant life form... strawman as usual.

You know I actually feel sorry for you.. so ignorant.. clinging to a pseudoscience that is logically vacuous,, intellectually barren... based on untenable and unproveable gross and rediculously impossible assumptions and fraught with internal inconsistancies  on even the most basic of your tenets.

Were you just too dumb to get a degree in a field requiring extensive study in the hard sciences and took the easy way out?

I mean math goes a little farther than long division.

Of course you never have answered a single point of debate just gibberish and invective.... very impressive ... LOL

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