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Yes since that book was published Shapiro has published books bordering on cultic religion such as Life Force joining other discouraged evolutionists Crick and otheres  in psuudo sciences such as panspermia because every rational analysis of origins and abiogenesis is so nearly infinitely impossible it engenders such nonsense.

As for ribozymes they are a form of RNA and only in carefully prepared experiments in a controlled environment under the design and watchcare of scientists was any replication successful and it required guess what an RNA template, hardly the conditions of the prebiotic earth... without a scientist I suspect. Oh and a whopping 14 molecule chain was replicated as I recall... now what does that compare to.....nothing involved in life.

Shapiros work stands the test of time.

I recommend a little read of this web page and a brief review of Chaisson's writings and reputation before you try that revisionist baloney on me about  "little to do with Darwinism".

Your team is stuck with evidenceing "helium gas to the human brain by random processes" and you can count on it being well known.

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