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Hyperbole and humor are pretty legitimate methods of argumentation, but you wireheads and squirrels wouldn't recognize either.

On the other hand the point is that Origins author Robert Shapiro has analyzed this "unimportant and unrelated separate and dismissed non-evolutionary area of abiogenesis" from a to z including the dna first, rna first, protein first and as usual has degreed that no matter how you dice it the odds of obtaining even the simplest, crude, least error prone replicator from the "soup" or any other habitat on the early earth requires considerably more time than the age of the earth itself ,(and the solar system for that matter).

Funny how this "unimportant and unrelated separate and dismissed non-evolutionary area of abiogenesis" keeps getting million of grant dollars, papers published, books written and is supported in full by Chaisson at Tufts and many,many others yet not a shred of believable evidence can support it.

I think I'll suggest IDers just be satisfied to have Shapiros book in every biology class for two weeks in every semester and be presented openly. He is a great scientist, researcher, biologist, author and theorist of signifficance. When he concludes that every theory is impossible and we must await new laws of the universe to explain how life came to be.. it will be most enlightening to the students of America.

That should just about pound the last nail in the coffin of Dawinism.

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