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I am under the impression that predictions are a useful tool of science. There are many different kinds of predictions. The one that led to the discovery of Tiktaalik was very impressive, and illuminate the huge contrast toward the sterility of the creationist perspective and approach to the questions of origins, nested hiearchies, descent with modification, heredity, population genetics and so forth.

I understand that a preference for a religious view on nature makes it difficult to accept the scientific viewpoint and I am afraid we'll have to live with that and its proponents for a long time yet. The desire to believe in ancient religious scriptures with their myths and promise of eternal life in some absurd "heaven" (Where, how, and a thousand other questions) is strong. But nobody have yet to come back and tell us what i really is like, so I leave all questions to whatever afterlife, if any, that I might experience.
I see that as a healthy skepticism. Leaving the questions about eternal life till I am resurrected and safely settled in eternity myself.

Since I have adopted the Gnostic POW, that the Jesus myth is just that, a myth, I am looking at scriptures with open eyes and an open mind and have no problems separating cinnamon from ratshit. But at 87, I have no unfinished business with God and his world.

BTW, I suspect that the term "eternal life" has a lot to do with the concept of living in the "here and now". There was a book by the pseudonym Baba Ram Dass written on that subject. It made sense to me.

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