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Given the events post-Katrina, forgive me for being a little more skeptical of their corpse-counting abilities. But if I need a plasma TV at a super discount, I know where to go, that's for sure.
Counting bodies during the evacuation of an entire city is a little different than counting bodies in the morgue on a typical Friday night.  Your skepticism is duly noted.  What about every other major city in the US?  Perhaps no one is good at counting bodies except NY.

No but our drawls can drive a Paris-born French teacher over the edge. Trust me on this. :D
You a southerner too?  I was raised in Slidell.  And I've got Cajun relatives that make me look cosmopolitan.

Don't forget the victimization studies, which also show America in a good light, without making any racial adjustments whatsoever.
And don't forget the less subjective murder rates of all of those same countries.  Which don't put the US in such a good light.

Don't blame yourself; there's a very good reason these stats aren't readily available.
It must be nice to not need any stupid numbers or data before you reach your conclusions.  If only we could all live in your world, Paley.

You're pulling my leg again, aren't you, Cogzie? Don't you remember all those articles bemoaning the Contract "on" America, or bashing the Gipper? The media noticed the difference; why didn't you? On the other hand, all I remember during the Bush administration were Dan Quayle jokes and an obsession with Presidential malaprops. Of course, many complained about Bush Sr.'s foreign policy, but that doesn't impact our discussion.
We're not all timeless spirits, Paley.  I, in fact, wasn't old enough to care about politics in the eighties.  Perhaps you can euclidate the accomplishments and anti-accomplishments that I asked you for previously.

So, to make your point you have to throw out a major section of our crime statistics, and you seem unable to make the same cut for the other nations that you wish to compare to.  You don't see a problem with that?  Tell me again how you feel that you've "won the debate"?


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