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So when you deny the possibility that such can be done in an original act by God you deny your very own abilities and planned actions to create.

Who is denying it?  I explicitly said that it was a possibility that God created all.  What part of that did you not understand?  The only problem with that statement is that it just isn't scientific because you can neither prove nor disprove it, thus rendering it useless to us in a scientific sense.

Not a very logical position to hold is it?

It is not illogical to look at the data and figure out how the natural world works, regardless of the presence or absence of the supernatural.  What's illogical is for you to deny the very mechanisms of science, considering you use them every single day.  Do you eat cardboard for lunch every day?  Why not?

...the operation of  SLOT.

SLOT does not "operate" on anything.

Evolutionary mechanisms can't violate F=ma either, would you say that, "Evolution is in principle only possible by these chemical  reactions and their so called modifications over time coupled with the physical processes and reactions also controlled by F=ma?"

Finally, have you found a source for your 2% figure yet?  No?  Of course not.  When are you going to admit that YOU MADE IT UP?  You lost intellectual honest points by making it up in the first place, but you are only making it worse by refusing to fess up, and EVERYONE can see it.

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