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Actually I don't think God did it by some billions of years process; he created it period. Thats what we mean by a God ... capable of effectng results we can't, using capabilites we do not have and are not currently in operation.

To say that acts of intellectually based conceptual thought hybridized onto matter to make it behave in ways it would never do on its own is a not a form of  creation is to deny the precise activities of science. Of course every scientific act by scientists does precisely that, it takes the intellectually based plans,schema, flowsheets, equations, expereiences and knowhow and from outside the matter itself hybridizes all of the above onto the matter to achieve the results.

So when you deny the possibility that such can be done in an original act by God you deny your very own abilities and planned actions to create.

Not a very logical position to hold is it?

Again if you are so illiterate as to dismiss SLOT from biology or any area of science as the controlling law over all processes chemical or physical then I have no interest in discussing things technical with you.

The mere fact that all life eventually becomes lifeless, completely disordered, completely at equilibrium is the precise prediction and result of the operation of  SLOT. The inefficiency of every process, the waste heat and material produced by every reaction, the less than perfect replication of the cell, the shrinking of the telemere, the weakening of the heart and other organs are all the result of the goverance of the second law which insists on slightly less or much less order in the entirety of any system or process including the effects on the surroundings as time progresses.

Thus we have life sustained by directed and transduced energy flows from the sun, biomass,etc. maintaining life in a constrained open system state far from equilibrium internally and yet inextricably drifting along the arrow of time toward equilibrium, disorder and death with all the universe always forever.

Every reaction in life support and activity is constrained in direction, rate, result and such by SLOT or equivalently the free energy consideration.

Evolution is in principle only possible by these chemical  reactions and their so called modifications over time coupled with the physical processes and reactions also controlled by SLOT.

Please tell me there is someone in this forum with the intellect to get past agruing the reality of one of the most fundamental and well proven laws of nature.

Please don't tell me this illteracy is representative of your communites understanding of all things scientific and the governing laws.

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