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As to quote mining.. if you can prove the statements and quotes are incorrectly attributed, false, not to the point or otherwise go for it.

Already done.  You obviously didn't read it.

But the old switch aroo tactic is one that I attribute to 1st graders trying to use logic.

You are the one moving goal posts, not me.  Or, did you forget about your unsupported assertions?

See hydrogen gas ... black magic... wand waving... chaos,,, then poof the human brain... and then the fairy god mother said what wish do you evos want today.

Coming from the person whose idea is that "goddidit" is a perfectly reasonable explanation?

You'll notice that I asked you to explain why you think SLOT has to do with evolution.  Simply because you respond with dirision does not mean that you have met your burden of proof.  Will this be another set of assertions that go completely unsupported?

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